We provide the necessities of life to struggling families while leading them
towards a life full of health and wellness.

One person, one donation, one neighborhood at a time.

Dare to CARE

CUTLOOSE CARES was established on May 9th 2022. The passion for the idea started long before when Founders Emily and Jordan Deane saw first hand the struggles within Montgomery County and knew they needed to do something to make a change.

Starting with their first Holiday Hands In initiative in 2020, they adopted 3 families for the holiday season to bring cheer to those that without a helping hand, would have no means of a holiday or warm meal. From small acts of kindness to big plans of making an even bigger impact we are now an operational non profit organization. 

CUTLOOSE CARES is an organization driven by our CAREHOLDERS, those who show up when times are rough and band together to make a difference; one person, one donation, one neighborhood at a time. Contact us to learn more and get involved.


Individuals fed


Essential gifts given


Neighborhoods served

Spread the word

“Like” us and share our posts on social media. We are a young organization and would love for people to know more about what we do and how they can make a difference with us!

Encourage your local businesses, faith and volunteer organizations to partner with us. We are always interested in growing our community, donating resources and teaming up on community activities.

If you are a reporter, photographer or a media outlet looking for a heartening story, we have many to share! Contact us to learn more.


Careholders are monthly donors committed to making an impact.
One person, one donation, one neighborhood at a time.

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